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Name:Melinda Duval
Birthdate:Jan 8
Location:New York, New York, United States of America
Melinda Duval It's Fiction, Baby
Melinda Duval is a writer from Loraine, Ohio. She grew up in a normal, middle class family. Always scribbling, when she got to college she found an instructor who encouraged her and she majored in writing. Seven years after graduating, having published short stories in dozens of magazines, she got an agent and a book deal. Her first book, "History," was met with critical and reasonable financial success and now she's working on the second collection of stories.

She's currently single and while she has an apartment in New York, she travels constantly.

Melinda Duval is portrayed by actress Amber Benson. I can only hope that if Ms Benson knew, she'd be flattered, but as it is, she has no idea and most certainly is not responsible for anything this character gets up to.

Melinda is open to RP though her journal and IM. Melinda is also a grown up woman with natural desires who meets up with all sorts of creatures and people. Sometimes adult topics will be addressed in this journal. Don't come here if you are under 18.

The "individual" whose journal you are reading IS NOT AN ACTUAL PERSON nor are they actually associated with any companies named therein. The author/owner of this character and journal is a participant in creative writing projects where people portray actors, fictional characters, and other assorted people. The journal is produced and written by the author and is meant for entertainment purposes only. The thoughts contained in the journal are those of a fictional individual and are not meant to represent the real world in any fashion. They are a fictional interpretation and not meant in any way to be an accurate depiction. They are absolutely false and are not meant to reflect any person's private life or the actual practices and activities of any companies named. No harm, misrepresentation, libel, malice or copyright infringement is intended. At no time is this meant to be construed as reality. This is FICTION. We believe that these journals are in no way libellous as there is no malicious intent, and no intent to misinform fellow roleplayers or anyone who may read the journal. This character is completely fictional and wholely owned by the author. Any use of this character without the author/owner's express, written permission constitutes infringement of the US Copyright Law. This character, being wholly owned by the author, may leave any community at any time. Once again, these completely fictional universes. Any and all actions, ideas and opinions are associated with this, and other, fictional universes as the author/owner deems appropriate.
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